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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  November 19, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> and i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. record lows in all 50 states, including hawaii and california and florida. might as well just be here. >> there is no shortage of cold air, and it's made its way into our area. watching the temperatures get ever so close to record levels this morning. they've just dropped in the last few minutes another couple degrees in philadelphia. the wind, it is dying down. it is still present this morning. and the wind is going to be a factor this afternoon. it is a first alert day. bitter cold to start with, near record low temperatures and a frigid breeze is blowing out of the west. 21 degrees now in philadelphia. that's down two degrees in the last hour. reading is down to 19 degrees. both locations one degree away from the record. factor in the wind, it feels like 11 in philadelphia and wilmington. trenton 11 degrees. 6 degrees right now the windchill in allentown. a frigid start at the bus stop this morning. the suburbs in the teens. center city at 21 degrees. it will be sunny, but that
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sunshine is really going to be slow to warm things up. we'll be at 33 degrees later this afternoon. your neighborhood by neighborhood weather forecast when i come back in less than ten minutes. but first, let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. you know, those car heaters are going this morning, jillian. >> yes, they are, bill. right now we're watching as skyforce10 makes its way to cranberry township, new jersey. taking a look from inside the cockpit, it should be there in a few minutes. it's headed to the site of that fiery crash overnight on the northbound side of the new jersey turnpike. this is all happening right near hightstown exit 8. as a result, we still have closures in the outer drive. so, stick to the inner drive or you can take route 130 or route 9 if you need to get around it. major cleanup, a big investigation going on. so, skyforce10 should be there in the next four to five minutes to give you live pictures. elsewhere this morning, hamilton township, route 130 southbound approaching interstate 195, the right lane is blocked there for a downed pole. vai? take a look at this picture
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of whiteout conditions in upstate new york. this shot was taken from the air. six people died from the lake-effect storm in new hampshire, michigan and upstate new york. today people in buffalo are bracing for the second round of snow there. now let's take a look across the country. temperatures in all 50 states fell to freezing or below freezing, making it feel more like january than november. nbc 10's monique braxton is i out live with more. >> reporter: good morning, vai. we've seen a couple people pull up in the past half hour or so wince we went on the air and last spoke to you. we did find some contractors and captured them on tv putting air in their tires. this time of year, when winter is extremely cold, that's when you see people putting air in their tires. that's one good indicator. also, we talked with a lady who told us she spent about an hour last night pulling out her hats, her scarves, her gloves. we captured her grabbing a hot drink before she pumped gas.
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and then we also talked to one motorist who said it isn't really winter yet. what are you all complaining about? >> it's not really that bad yet. >> reporter: not that bad? not that bad for you? >> 22 degrees? wait until it drops below. >> reporter: something to think about, right? while we're all complaining about how bitter cold it is and trying to make sure we stay safe as well as warm. coming up in the next half hour, we're going to try to talk to some folks catching the d.a.r.t. bus, because they're standing outside in this weather awaiting a ride. live for now in claimant, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. at 6:03, we've been following breaking news all morning long. jillian mentioned this. nine hours after a fiery crash, part of the new jersey turnpike is still shut down. three tractor-trailers collided in cranberry township around 9:00 last night. they went up in flames. one driver was killed. take a look at video sent to us by a viewer who was driving by on the opposite side. you can see all three trucks
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were engulfed with flames. again, one driver died. we do not know the conditions of the other drivers. new this morning, the pornographic e-mails exchanged by pennsylvania state employees on public computers, we now know they contained images of children and violent acts against women. attorney general kathleen kane called the images deplorable. so far, she has fired four employees and suspended eleven. the e-mails came to light when the ag's office investigated its own handling of the jerry sandusky sex abuse case. first the canceled football season, now the removal of the head coach in a hazing scandal at central bucks west high school. yesterday the school relieved brian hensel of his duties on the field and lifted suspensions for his sunsetanassistants. hensel will keep his job as a teacher, though. they canceled the last two games of the season after allegations of upper classmen targeting freshmen on the scene. and we have more on the
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north jersey football season. four coaches removed from sayreville high school can now return to teaching. school officials in middlesex county did not reinstate the head football coach. seven players face juvenile charges of sexual assault and other crimes against four freshmen teammates. we have new information this morning in the crash that injured tracy morgan and killed one of his friends. the comedian's lawyer says he's still fighting to recover from a severe brain injury five months after the accident. the lawyer added, it's not known if the "30 rock" star will be "the tracy morgan he once was." morgan also broke a leg, his ribs and his nose when a tractor-trailer crashed into the limo that he was riding in on the new jersey turnpike in june. and looking ahead to decision 2015, the race for mayor of philadelphia is getting more crowded. state senator anthony williams and former district attorney lynn abraham plan to formally announce their bids for philadelphia mayor today. they are both democrats. also, a former spokesman for mayor michael nutter is now
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considering a run for the office. doug oliver launched an exploratory committee yesterday. at first he was considering a run as a republican, but now oliver says if he runs, it will be as a democrat. oliver says he'll make a decision in the next two months. two other democrats have already announced they are running. terry gillen, former head of the redevelopment authority, and ken trujillo, the former democratic solicitor. the primary will be held in may. 6:06 and 20 degrees outside. happening today, a protest on the atlantic city boardwalk by hundreds of unionized casino workers. the employees are upset about a plan by billionaire carl icahn to close the trump taj mahal on 12ke6789th. icahn holds the mortgage on the taj and is asking for $175 million in tax breaks in order to keep it open. the workers claim that icahn is profiting while they are being tarred for layoffs. meantime, philadelphia's city council wants to make sure your holiday travel goes smoothly.
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that's why they're holding a hearing today meant to promote labor harmony at philly international. airport workers have protested when they call low pay, unsafe working conditions and other problems. council will hear from workers, also airline industry experts and labor leaders at the hearing. fire fueled by forceful wind devoured a popular south jersey farmers market. the columbus farmers market in burlington county burned to the ground yesterday afternoon, destroying ten businesses inside of it. strong wind and cold weather made it difficult for firefighters to put it out. store owners lost everything in a matter of minutes. >> it was in bad shape when we bought it, and we brought it back to life and worked hard to get it where it's at now. and now it's destroyed. >> no one was inside at the time. since the market is opening thursday through sunday. investigators are working to find the cause of this fire. and it's unclear if the unaffected businesses will reopen on thanksgiving day as they planned. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> temperatures plummeted overnight. now we're watching for records, one degree away in philadelphia and reading. we will likely set some records this morning. we will see sunshine, but the wind is still blowing, and a breezy day means it's going to feel cold all day. there is warmer weather ahead this weekend. the temperatures will take off. nowhere near what we're dealing with this morning. right now, 19 degrees in reading. the record is 18. 21 in philadelphia. the record is 20. atlantic city down to 21 degrees, not getting close to the record there. look at the snow-making equipment. shawnee is making lots of snow in the cold the next several day, be able to get a nice base blowing. wind is blowing at 9 miles an hour in philadelphia, stronger in the poconos. so, windchills in the single digits and teens for philadelphia international. 11 degrees is what it feels like also in atlantic city. the satellite is nice and clear, so we'll see a lot of sunshine
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today. there are some clouds to the west. those will arrive tonight. that's good news. it means it weans be as cold tonight. but during the day today, your hour-by-hour forecast, 8:00 this morning, 24 degrees in philadelphia. by lunchtime, we'll be getting closer to the 30-degree mark. that's 10:00 this morning. 28 degrees. and then it's into the low 30s this afternoon. a look at when you can expect that warmer weather with the seven-day forecast when i'm back in less than ten minutes. we have launched skyforce10 to that breaking news story, the fire of those tractor-trailers on the new jersey turnpike. a few minute ago we saw cell phone video by the driver driving by here, and here we look at it from the air. >> there were intense flames nine hours ago and here's what remains. jillian mele has been following this problem all morning long. >> you know, these pictures are almost unreal to imagine, this much cleanup and the investigation still going on, about nine hours later. northbound side of the new jersey turnpike, right near
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hightstown exit 8. to the left side is what you're seeing, the cleanup. that's the outer drive. the right lane is the inner drive. that is getting by. as we've been telling you throughout the morning, some traffic is getting by on the northbound side. you just have to stick to that inner lane instead of the outer lane, but if that continues throughout the morning, and it looks like it's going to, that inner lane is going to back up like crazy. so, here's alternates around it. take route 130 or route 9. route 130 is right here, and this is the new jersey turnpike. so, you can see it's in pretty close proximity to the new jersey turnpike if you want to take route 130. but leave yourself extra time, because regardless, any of the alternates are still going to be busier than normal. a accident in ambler, welsh road. heading up to the blue route where things are quiet and looking good, just some average congestion starting to build right now. drive times, though, about 17-18 minutes both ways on the blue route between 76 and 95. tracy?
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6:14 and 20 degrees. this is a live picture just before sunrise from skyforce. it looks pretty, but it is cold out there, the wind's making it feel even colder, and bill henley just told us we are one degree away from breaking a cold-weather record. in bucks county, police are blaming a father for his young son's deadly overdose on painkillers. coco wallace said he's innocent, but police say he was the only person with 2-year-old sebastian
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wallace inside his levittown apartment on october 22nd. an autopsy revealed that there was oxycodone in the toddler's system, three times the amount needed to kill an adult. authorities continue to look at the crime scene for more clues in the case. a former bail supervisor found himself in jail for stealing thousands of dollars worth of bail money. the philadelphia district forei attorney's office was investigating steven margarano for years, saying he stole $156,000 between 2010 and 2011. the grand jury recommended that theft charges against the former bail supervisor. meanwhile, nbc 10 has learned this patrol car fire is why philadelphia police took 280 cruisers off the streets for emergency maintenance. an officer was pulled to safety from that fire by a teenager. the mayor's office said it bought 150 new patrol cars, but the police union told nbc 10 that the city is not replacing the vehicles fast enough. we have new information on
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sexual assault allegations against comedian bill cosby. cosby's lawyer denies the latest claim from model and tv host janice dickinson. dickinson said cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in 1982. cosby's lawyer released a statement just as we went on the air this morning, saying janice dickinson's story accusing bill cosby of rape is a complete lie. she did an interview in 2002, completely con contradicting her story." two other women are accusing cosby, who settled a civil suit with an alleged victim in 2006. cosby has never been criminally charged in any case. it's the traffic story of the morning, the problem up in north jersey on the turnpike. >> jillian mele, when will it clear is this. >> we have no idea, because it's been out there a while and we have so much activity, it's too hard to guess when this will be reopened. new jersey turnpike northbound right near exit 8.
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i don't know if we can zoom in. i wanted to show the work crews are doing. we have a lot going on from the three tractor-trailer caught on fire overnight. this is the outer drive. traffic is getting by on the inner lanes, but they have a lot of cleanup still to do to make sure the surface of the road is safe for drivers to drive on once again. they also have repair work to some of the guard rails in the area. so, a lot still needs to be done. this is going to be closed for quite some time. and a lot of crews out there right now. so, let's take you to the maps. in the meantime, you can take route 130 if you want to avoid that area, or you can take route 9 as an alternate. as i mentioned, the inner drive does get by, but the longer this problem stays out there, the longer the delay we'll see. we have an accident 76 eastbound right near the blue route on the shoulder, causing a tap of the brakes as drivers pass by that area. a couple notes on mass transit. manayunk to norristown lines delayed 15 minutes. if you're traveling between miquon and conshohocken, board all trains on the outbound platforms and ac rail service
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has delayed everything between there and cherry hill. bus service is in effect. now your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it is a cold start this morning, colder than yesterday. and with clear skies and still a half an hour away from sunrise, the temperatures are still coming down. right now in philadelphia, 21. that's one degree away from the record that's been on the books since 1936. but the wind at 9 miles an hour feels like 11 degrees right now. we're waiting for sunshine here at the nbc 10 studios. you can see the flag is still moving. it's not as strong as the wind as when we went on the air two hours ago at 4:00. looks like it's going to be coming down a little bit more, allowing temperatures to come down more, too. 21 right now in wilmington, philadelphia, trenton and wrightstown, but look at the teens north and west. and in chester county, it's 19 right now in westtown, chadds ford is 18 degrees, 18 degrees in coatesville, also in the teens in chester springs and
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downingtown, while phoenixville is 21 degrees. a frigid morning. we are watching snow off to the north and west and snow showers in the midwest. but we don't have to worry about snow. wet weather will be coming our way, but not until it gets a lot warmer this weekend. for today, no warmth. lots of sunshine, yes, but the breeze will still be blowing up to 15 miles an hour. so, temperatures in the 30s will feel like they're in the 20s this afternoon. clouds will be coming in tonight. that's a good thing. we won't see any wet weather with those clouds, but it will keep us warmer tomorrow morning. 30 degrees. and then 44 tomorrow afternoon. that's an improvement. but then the numbers come right back down on friday. 25 in the morning, 36 in the afternoon with a cold breeze blowing and a cold start saturday morning. but saturday afternoon begins a warming trend that will have us up to 60 on sunday and potentially up to 70 degrees on monday, in spite of rain. >> all right, bill, thanks. 6:19 right now. comcast is hoping to improve customer experience. that's the goal of its new xfinity store at the roosevelt mall in northeast philadelphia. when there are power outages, it
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will also serve as a plug-in station for customers. visitors can also pay their bills here, get equipment and interact with the latest xfinity products. >> you get to play with it, you get to see it, you get to feel it, and you get to really experience what the new xfinity's all about. >> that's actually the second xfinity store in our region. the first one is in philadelphia. more are scheduled to open in the next few months. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. well, some drivers will soon get some relief at a tricky traffic spot in new castle county. a red light camera change is on the way at one interaction that will make drivers very happy this morning. they're not turning off the camera, but we'll explain. also, the pledge of allegiance is under fire in new jersey. not the whole pledge, just the words "under god." ♪
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right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. it is 6:23 and 20 degrees
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out there. you're looking at that right, 20 degrees. you're looking live at the girard point bridge, 95. it's going to be in the teens, as it is in the teens some places now. and there is no snow, but there is wet weather on the way and bill henley will be along in about two minutes to tell us exactly when. happening today, improving new jersey's cities will be the focus of a mayors meeting in atlantic city today. senate president steve sweeney and mayors from across the state will meet at the atlantic city convention center this morning. their agenda, talking about ways to reduce crime and improve infrastructures. and from our delaware bureau, the state will make changes in a red light camera program drivers say is not fair to their wallets. lots of drivers have gotten tickets at concord and broom right off the i-95 in wilmington. the reason? well, cars not coming to a full stop before making a right turn. drivers complain they have to stop twice before turning since the painted line for stopping is 40 feet from the intersection. deldot said they would move the stopping line much closer to the
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corner. good morning at just about 6:25. we still have a major cleanup effort under way and an investigation as a result of an accident that happened last night. three tractor-trailers were on fire northbound side of the new jersey turnpike near hightstown exit 8. this is the outer lanes that you see right here, completely blocked off because of that work that's being done. and then behind me, you'll notice that traffic that's getting by. that's the inner lane. so, the inner drive is open, but to avoid this, take route 130 or even route 9 if you need to get around it. this is something we will stay on top of for you u. now, a live look outside in the pocono mountains, where it looks so cold! bill, we're what, one degree away from setting a record? >> it doesn't just look cold, jillian, it is cold. the wind is blowing in the pocono mountains with clear skies. the numbers are falling. it feels like 6 degrees below zero with the windchill in the pocono mountains. and the rest of the area, yes, we are one degree away from the record this morning in philadelphia. right now 21 degrees in the city, down to 20 degrees in
6:26 am
roxborough. in hunting park, that's where jesse gary is this morning in the cold. good morning, jesse. >> reporter: that's right, bill, and the cold is creating havoc on some streets. i'm standing on an iced-over street here in hunting park and i'll explain how this happened, coming up. and i'm katy zachry live in southwest philadelphia. one of the most common calls to aaa in weather like this, dead car batteries. we're live at the dispatch center in southwest philly with what you need to know to get your car started on this cold morning.
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just about 6:30 this wednesday morning. you'll get a rude awakening when you step outside this morning, especially if you're in the hunting park area. you see ice there on the road, a live picture there. near record cold temperatures are gripping the delaware valley and the nation, and we'll get your first alert forecast hour
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by hour. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. it's 6:30, and we are one degree away from record cold. meteorologist bill henley, explain that. >> we are seeing the coldest temperatures right around sunrise or just after, and we're approaching sunrise now. the record low is 20 degrees in philadelphia. it's 21 degrees right now. and reading is at 18 degrees for the record and it's 19 degrees. this is the view on a very cold morning from skyforce10. look how clear it is. they're seeing a little less wind than earlier. that's the view from outside the chopper. you see some clouds in the distance. without clouds and with less wind and very dry air, we're seeing the temperatures come down this morning. it is a cold first alert day with temperatures now hovering in the low 20s right along the i-95 corridor, teens north and west. 19 in reading, 12 degrees in the pocono mountains. that's just two degrees above the record there. factor in the wind, it feels even colder, even though the wind is not as strong as yesterday. so, a frigid morning at the bus
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stop. suburbs in the teens, low 20s in center city. we will see sunshine, but don't look for a quick warm-up today. 20s through this morning, low 30s this afternoon. back with your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast in less than ten minutes. but right now, jillian mele is standing by. good morning, jillian. >> good morning to you, bill. and we still have this problem as a result of an accident that happened last night on the new jersey turnpike northbound right near hightstown exit 8. take a look right here. this is the outer drive of the new jersey turnpike, completely blocked off. there were three tractor-trailers caught on fire last night. the video is just incredible. we'll have that in a few minutes. so, big cleanup and investigation going on. outer drive still blocked. then you see traffic using the inner drive northbound. that's okay, but the longer this cleanup and investigation stays out there, the more volume we're going to see in the inner drive. so, let's take you to the maps to get around this. you can take route 130 or route 9 as an option. either of those will be just fine. but if you are heading out on the new jersey turnpike, it's your best bet to either leave your self extra time or avoid it
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until that's all gone. still have an accident on the shoulder of 76 eastbound out near the blue route and we're dealing with delays still on mass transit. septa manayunk/norristown delayed 15 minutes and board on the outbound platforms. rail service is suspended between philadelphia and cherry hill, but bus service is in effect right now. it is the coldest day of the season so far and it's the coldest november day in years. the temperatures are so low, they are downright dangerous. we have team coverage. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in southwest philadelphia. but we begin with jesse gary in hunting park. jesse, what's going on there? >> reporter: well, tracy, the coldest day brings typical cold weather problems. iced-over roadway. this is germantown avenue right in front of me. pike is right here and 15th is right over there. and this section of germantown avenue is iced over, a result of a pipe break late last night. and you can see what happens when you have a lot of water on the roadway and then these near
6:33 am
record temperatures. it's isioced over. they were out salting this during the overnight and early-morning hours to try and break this up and they've done a good job. the ice is mainly to the side of the road, but there's still some on the old trolley tracks here on germantown avenue. so, bear that in mind if you're traveling this direction. if you have to get off the bus which stops right here, there could be some ice. be very, very careful, because obviously, it's ice, it is slippery. that's the latest live in hunting park, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. our team coverage of the dangerous cold continues with nbc 10's katy zachry at a aaa call center in southwest philadelphia. katy, are these conditions making for a busy morning there? >> reporter: yeah, these dispatchers would say they are. just checked in with dan behind me, and he says they've been getting calls, a lot more calls in for dead car batteries, cars that won't start, frozen locks, things of that nature. they actually brought in a couple of these dispatchers several hours early,
6:34 am
anticipating more calls this morning because of the cold weather. now, when it comes to your car battery, extreme temperature change is not good for it. the cold weather we're experiencing this morning drains your battery of power. so, when it's this cold outside, your battery operates on about half its power. so, if it's older and weak, your car may not even start. >> the cold weather, your battery is responsible for cranking over that engine and getting it going. so, the colder the weather, the more the engine is tight because of the cold and the oil. it's going to be very difficult for that battery, if it's weak, to just crank and get your car going. >> reporter: so, some advice if your battery is three years old or more, you may need to get a new one to get through this winter. aaa also suggests putting together an emergency kit for your car, complete with a portable collapseible shovel, jumper cables, work gloves, bungee cables, flashlight, rock salt, deicer, a fully charged cell phone, ice scraper, blanket, and of course, non
6:35 am
perishable food. a lot of good advice from our friends at aaa this morning. live in southwest philadelphia at the aaa dispatch center, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> katy, thank you. and we're just getting new information into our newsroom this morning just minutes ago, a fifth person has died because of the winter weather in western new york. the lake-effect snow hit buffalo the hardest. it created whiteout conditions and prompted new york's governor to deploy the national guard. before today's over, snow totals there could top 6 feet. and of course, you can get updates from the nbc 10 first alert weather center any time you want. just download the first alert weather app to your smartphone or your tab lotte. you can get the download for free from our website at 6:35. in other news, a new published report says cooper hospital's ceo and his wife were stabbed before the fire broke out inside their home in september. a family member told "the courier post" john sheridan and his wife, joyce, were stabbed several times each. their bodies were found inside their somerset county home after fire broke out in their bedroom.
6:36 am
the family member did not say who may have been behind the attack. we are working to get reaction to this report from authorities. a new state casino license awarded to philadelphia yesterday will put a gaming palace near the sports complex, and we're getting mixed reaction to that decision. here's an artist rendering of the $425 million casino slated for packer avenue in south philadelphia. it would take a couple of years to build and could be challenged in court. some say it will be great for business. others say neighborhoods will suffer. >> the thought of families and younger children. so, i don't know how the casinos are going to be with a lot of drunk people out later at night. >> not just more people, but more families moving down here to work at these places and stuff like that. i mean, it's a no-brainer. >> the live casino and hotel plan beat out three other proposals. right now there are 12 casinos in the state of pennsylvania. five of them are in our area, including sugar house in philadelphia, parks in bensalem township, valley foerge casino
6:37 am
in king of prussia, harrah in chester and the sands in bethlehem. after the state of nevada, with big gaming cities like las vegas and reno, pennsylvania is the number two casino state in terms of revenue. new jersey ranks third in the nation in casino rainstorscencat lost four casinos and could lose a fifth if the trump taj mahal closes later this month. now your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we're watching the temperatures fall. they're coming down very slowly right now with clear skies. the temperatures are near record level. and the wind is still blowing. it's not as strong as yesterday, but just enough breeze to make it feel even colder. the good news is, and there is some good news, it's going to turn much warmer this weekend. a real turnaround, and that's when we'll see wet weather moving our way, but not this morning. moving out the door, 19 right now in reading. philadelphia 21 degrees. both reading and philadelphia just one degree away from the record. atlantic city is 21 degrees with clear skies. and we will see lots of
6:38 am
sunshine, but a few minutes before that sun will come up above the horizon and the coldest time of day is just after sunrise. teens for pottstown and doylestown. trenton right now 21 degrees. roxborough is 20 degrees. it's 22 in northeast philadelphia. plenty of cold to go around. and here's the wind that's still blowing at 9 miles an hour. that's doing two things. it's making it feel colder, but it's also creating a little bit of mixing in the atmosphere. that's actually keeping temperatures holding right now in the low 20s. without that wind, it would go even lower. with the wind, feels like 11 degrees in philadelphia, 5 below in the pocono mountains. it's a cold one this morning. bundle up and plan on bringing your sunglasses along. nothing but sunshine during the day today. clouds will be here tonight. they're to our west. and they're going to be arriving just in time to keep us a bit warmer for tomorrow. for today, though, sunny skies and a few clouds late this afternoon. 26 degrees in the pocono mountains. low 30s for allentown and reading, right at 32 degrees. the wind will not be as strong
6:39 am
for doylestown, northeastern philadelphia and mt. holly as what we saw yesterday. bright sunshine, upper 30s for cape may and rehoboth beach, while vineland and dover are right in the middle 30s during the day today. and bright, sunny skies. but look at these temperatures. low 30s instead of the upper 50s, which is typical for this time of year. the seven-day forecast in less than ten minutes with the timing of the warm-up as we head toward the weekend. just about 6:40. if you're headed into north jersey or manhattan this morning, the next couple minutes will be worth your while. >> because you'll need to get around a major problem on the new jersey turnpike. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele's been following that. >> it's been with us since last night. an accident happened and we have cleanup and an investigation still northbound near hightstown. you can take route 130 or route 9 to get around that this morning. this is 95, southbound side at girard avenue. that normal volume is continuing to build out there. drive time almost 30 minutes between woodhaven and the vine. now, we've seen a lot of problems on mass transit this morning, and i actually just got
6:40 am
two new pieces of information. septa just tweeted this within the last three minutes. the broad street line, the broad ridge spur is experiencing a delay southbound due to equipment problems at the olney station. this is also new within the last 10 to 15 minutes. the route 36 trolley westbound service is going to terminate at island avenue and elmwood all because of an accident in that area. use caution there. we are told that buses have been ordered, so at least shuttle bus service should be in effect there within the next few minutes. then this has been out there all morning long. septa manayunk/norristown line still delayed about 15 minutes. and if you travel this line between miquon and sosh hock co, board all trains by the outbound platforms. and be sure you're bundled up, because it is a cold start. we also have a problem on new jersey transit. i'll have that in a few minutes. vai. donating after death. a generous and unexpected gift is given to a delaware food bank, but it wasn't just the money the organization is cashing in on.
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the announcement is near. when hillary clinton is expected to make her presidential plans clear.
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about 6:45 right now. we've been following breaking news all morning nine hours after a fiery crash. part of the new jersey turnpike is still shut down. three tractor-trailers collided in cranberry township around 9:00 last night. they all went up in flames. one driver on the scene was killed. and take a look at this video sent to us by a viewer who was driving by. you can see all three trucks were engulfed with flames. again, one driver died and there is no word on the conditions of the other drivers, but jillian mele will be along in just a couple of minutes with an update on traffic in the area. 6:45 right now. it is a trial that could affect every public school student in new jersey. today a judge will hear
6:45 am
arguments about whether children should say the words "under god" in the pledge of allegiance. an atheist group is suing to cut those two words out of the pledge. the american humanist association filed a suit in monmouth county. a judge in massachusetts threw out a similar lawsuit earlier this year. in washington, police removed protesters from the senate chambers after senators rejected that keystone xl pipeline project. one of the protesters was chanting and wearing a native american headdress. police handcuffed and removed five people, including a man identified as a member of the great sioux nation, which opposes the pipeline. the bill to approve the pipeline needed 60 votes. it got 59. republicans promise to put it up for a vote again in january when the gop takes control of the senate. israel is vowing harsh retaliation on the palestinian attack that killed five people at a jerusalem synagogue. one of the victims, rabbi moshe twarsky has a son in lakewood county studying to also become a
6:46 am
rabbi. he is among four rabbis killed yesterday. three were americans. an israeli policeman died last night. israeli police killed the two attackers, who used meat cleavers, knives and a handgun to carry out the assault. and police in new york say the man who killed a stranger by pushing him in front of a subway train is off the streets. officers arrested kevin darden last night. he's also accused in another random subway attack that happened two weeks ago. the victim in that case was not seriously hurt. this morning a honduran woman is refusing to leave a philadelphia church as she battles the government over deportation. angela navarro is defying federal orders to leave the country and is taking sanctuary with her family at a church in west kensington. navarro was issued a deportation order ten years ago when she was caught on a u.s./mexico border. since then, she met her husband, she had kids, she worked as a cook until she recently received a final order. her case is meant as a high-profile act of civil disobedience. >> that's why we're doing this. >> you guys are trying to make a
6:47 am
point. >> yeah, we're trying to make a point, so everybody can see what we're doing. >> now, in other states, sanctuary refugees like angela have been granted reprieve. also, president obama has indicated that he will soon take action on the overall immigration issue. hillary clinton is expected to announce after the holidays that she is running for president. democratic sources say mrs. clinton is expected to announce her candidacy in january. party sources say her campaign operation would be based in the new york city suburbs. those sources also say there's still a small chance she will choose not to run. the japanese company takata says an aircrabag recall is sufficient. they responded to a demand by the national highway traffic safety administration to expand the recall worldwide. they say humidity can cause it to rupture and send metal fragments flying at passengers. five deaths have been linked to
6:48 am
the problem. happening today, congressmen will grill the acting director of the secret service about how a guy breached security at the white house, hopped a fence and ran inside the president's house. it's part of a judiciary committee hearing that will look at ways to keep this from happening in the future. also, a hearing on data security at the u.s. postal service. last week, you'll remember the post office revealed a cyber attack had exposed the personal information of 800,000 postal workers. lawmakers will question officials on why it took the postal service two months before it went public about the hack. a very generous gift for a local food bank. typically, people will donate food or money, but this time, a woman donated her house. the food bank of delaware says the woman was a former nurse who recently died of cancer. she didn't have a spouse or children. and besides the house, the former nurse also donated $100,000. >> and so, we have this woman who's given us the largest gift
6:49 am
we've ever received, and we can't thank her because she's already passed away. >> the woman did not want her name released. a local realtor agreed to sell the house for the food bank without taking a commission. very, very nice. >> good story. >> good holiday story. now let's go to new york for a look at what's ahead on the "today" show. >> we say good-bye to matt lauer and savannah guthrie. hi, guys. >> hi. >> hi, vai and tracy. good to see you. how's the weather where you are? because take a look. al and dylan are going to have the latest on this brutal snowstorm that's pummeling cities all around the great lakes. hundreds have drivers have been stranded, even more snow on the way. we'll have the latest. also ahead, will he ever fully recover? tracy morgan's ongoing struggle five months after he was involved in that deadly car accident. this morning his attorney is speaking out. then, more hotel secrets exposed. this time, jeff rossen pulls out the black light to reveal the dirtiest places in your room. looking forward to that. and he says even he was surprised by what he found. >> those stories, plus, jay leno
6:50 am
stops by studio 1a to fill us in "a. on a project that's close to his heart. that's as we get started this morning. back to you. >> any time there's a black light and jeff rossen, i tend to cringe a little bit. >> i know. >> it never ends well. >> thanks, guys. we'll see you in about ten minutes. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> looking forward to sunlight. the sun has just come up and we need it this morning. it is especially cold. there you can see it riding across the horizon. this is a view from the comcast center in center city, where the temperatures are in the low 20s. 21 degrees in philadelphia with a 9-mile-an-hour wind it feels like 11 degrees. that's one degree away from the record low temperature. we will see bright sunshine across the area. nice and clear here at the nbc 10 studios. but the wind will still be a factor, even this afternoon. teens for kennett square, chester springs is 18 degrees, plus 22 degrees in northeast
6:51 am
philadelphia. north and west, shenandoah's down to 9 degrees right now. 18 in coatesville, quakertown, allentown now at 18 degrees. and it's 18 in vineland where you'll find low 20s in delaware this morning. cold all around, but it is dry. we don't have any snow, but we are tracking some snow through the midwest. snow showers and we will see wet weather here later in the weekend when the temperatures go much warmer. for today, a slow warm-up. sunshine, breeze that will be cold and temperatures in the 30s. normally, we would warm up to 55 degrees this time of year. in fact, if we don't hit 35 this afternoon or warmer, we'll have another record on our hands for a record cold high temperature this afternoon. 44 degrees tomorrow. it will be warmer. clouds come in tonight. not as cold tomorrow morning, but it does get cold again on friday and saturday morning before the warm-up begins. saturday afternoon, 43 degrees. look at sunday, monday and tuesday. 60 on sunday!
6:52 am
late-day rain into monday when the temperatures go even warmer, up to 70 degrees potentially. then tuesday, a little bit cooler but still, that's a whole lot better than what we're dealing with today, a high of 62 degrees. >> yeah, i'm just going to stay focused on that 70. it's eight minutes before 7:00 right now. a major cleanup will be a major challenge for drivers in north jersey this morning. >> yeah, it's been a mess out there. jillian mele has the latest. >> new jersey turnpike northbound right near hightstown, exit 8, outer drive blocked. inner drive traffic gets by, but it is backed up. take route 130 or route 9 as an alternate. either one will be just fine. as promised, i wanted to tell you what was happening on new jersey transit. the atlantic city rail service has suspended service between 30th street in philadelphia and cherry hill. bus service is in effect, so at least you can still get where you need to go, but it may take you a little extra longer because you need to use the buses. this is 76, westbound side slow right at city avenue. drive times pretty average, about 22 to 23 minutes both directions between the blue route and the vine. and we have an accident in
6:53 am
hatboro, blair mill road at county line road. vai? >> thank you, jillian. you wouldn't know it, but we're still a month away from winter, but it already feels like we're in the thick of it. nbc 10 has live coverage of the dangerously cold temperatures. we start with jesse gary in hunting park. >> yeah, vai, it feels like it because some of the streets are iced over. this is germantown avenue. i'll tell you how it was done and what's being done to fix it. >> and i'm katy zachry live in southwest philadelphia. one of the most common calls to aaa in weather like this, dead car batteries. coming up, what you need to know so your car will start this morning.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
i'm jesse gary live in hunting park, where a pipe break overnight has iced over part of
6:57 am
germantown avenue. crews have been out salting it, and it is having an effect. you can see some of the ice is melting, but there is still some slick spots. be careful if you're near germantown and pike street. and of course, bundle up due to the cold! live in hunting park, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. i'm monique braxton in delaware. we came south to check on some of the earliest commuters, and what we notice succeed that the air pumps are just as busy as the gas pumps. one commuter pumping gas told us not only was it difficult waking up, but he also remembered he had to stop and get gas outside. a female we found bundled up told us being prepared is the key to cold days. she says she spent an hour unpacking scarves and gloves last night. layering is how passengers of public transportation tell us they handle these dangerous days. and with winter less than one month away, one motorist told us
6:58 am
it's only going to get colder. live in claimant, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. i'm katy zachry live in southwest philadelphia at a aaa dispatch center, where they're getting a lot of calls this morning about dead car batteries. that's because car batteries lose power in the cold weather more than they do throughout other times of the year. so, if you have a weak battery to begin with, your car may not start. if your battery is several years old, you should get it checked out by a mechanic and while there, get your tires rotated, your belts and fluids checked, and also, this is the time of year to put an emergency kit in your car in case you get stranded. reporting live in southwest philadelphia, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. and be sure to leave yourself extra time if you're heading out on the new jersey turnpike. skyforce10 over the scene of a cleanup and investigation going on. this is video about 30-35 minutes ago. this is the northbound side of the new jersey turnpike right near hightstown, which is exit 8. last night, we're talking hours
6:59 am
ago, a major accident involving three tractor-trailers. they caught on fire. so, the outer drive is still blocked off in this area of the turnpike. the inner drive gets by, but we are seeing a big backup out there. and you can see crews still have a lot to clean up. you can stick to route 130 or route 9 to get around it. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a frigid start. clear skies. the sun is up. it's going to be a slow warm-up today. and instead of the 50s, which we normally get this time of year, we will only warm into the lower to middle 30s. right now 23 degrees in philadelphia. it's just come up a couple of degrees. 19 in reading. that's one degree away from the record low temperature. and mt. pocono at 11 degrees. that's one degree warmer than the record low temperature. with the wind blowing, feels like 10 degrees in philadelphia. so, bundle up. sunshine will be bright but bitter cold to start with in the suburbs at the bus stop. teens, low 20s in center city during the day today. look at this. we'll warm to 29 degrees at
7:00 am
lunchtime, 33 degrees. if we warm up to just 33, that's another record this afternoon. >> wow. stay warm. >> i like that record better, yeah. the "today" show's up next. we'll see you for local updates in 25 minutes. good morning. snow-vem bechlt r, cities by the great lakes paralyzed by more than a foot of snow in less than a day. at least five deaths blamed on the storm. roads shut down, hundreds stranded in their vehicles overnight, including a college basketball team. more snow is on the way. the bill cosby scandal widens as a high-profile victim comes forward, former supermodel janet dickerson comes forward saying she was drugged by the comedian in the 1980s. the cosby camp calling that a lie. demanding a


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